Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting and preserving the personal data of Roqay’s visitors and members is one of our top priorities, our privacy statement and policy explains how Roqay’s website collects the personal information of members and visitors and how this information is used. By accessing the Roqay website or registering for one of its services, you give the Roqay website approval to collect and use your personal information as described in the Privacy Policy statement below, as well as to approve all of the items mentioned on this page.

Collecting personal information

Roqay’s website collects your personal data directly through you or indirectly, the site of the firmly collects this data through the information you provide yourself for the purpose of registering for any of the website services, such as personal name, gender, date of birth, job Mailing address, email, phone number and other data, as well as information obtained because of your use and browsing of any of the site’s pages such as your IP address, operating system used, browser type, ISP, time you spend each The page, the pages you visit, the replies and posts you add, etc., as well as any other information you share with Roqay’s website

Use of personal information

Roqay’s website uses your personal information for a number of purposes, including, but not limited to, allowing you to access and use the site, providing you with a specific service, sending updates and news, preparing statistics and reports on the popularity of the site among internet users, improving the website’s performance, services and other uses. Roqay’s website has the right to disclose your personal information to the extent required in accordance with the laws in relation to any current or anticipated legal proceedings, and for the purpose of establishing and exercising the defence of his legal rights. Roqay  is also not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party that may use your evidence.

Share personal data

Roqay may share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes: name, email, phone number, country, city, etc., and you are able to register in any data collection form on the Roqay website. Roqay is also not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party that may use your data.

Secure your data

Roqay website will take all reasonable technical and administrative precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Roqay website will also store all your personal information in its secure Web Servers.

Moving data out

The information collected by Roqay’s website may be saved, handled, transferred and traded between any of the countries where Roqay’s website operates, one of its branches or any other parties to enable the use of such information in accordance with the site’s privacy policy. Once you have used or registered on the Roqay website, you agree to transfer your personal information beyond the limits as described.

Update this statement

Check this page from time to time for updates or updates.  Roqay website may update the privacy policy by adding, modifying or deleting some or all of the terms.

Intellectual property rights

Copyright ownership of this site and its contents is reserved for the site of the established and those who have a license (including without any limits of content including text, site programming, design and images, audio, visual, and flash content).

Roqay  gives you permission to view this site and its contents on a computer or mobile phone via a web browser, publish or save this site and its contents on your device’s memory, and print pages from the site (for use on an individual level and for non-commercial purposes). Roqay does not grant you any other rights with respect to this site and its contents, meaning that any other rights are reserved. In order to avoid confusion, you must not transfer, write, change, publish, republish, republish, redistribute, broadcast, rebroadcast, view or operate this site or material contained by the public (by any means of publication) without a written permission from the Arab Trader website.

Data extraction

The automatic and/or regular collection of data from the website is prohibited for the average user. Approval must be obtained from the management of the Arab Trader website to obtain any data from the site and display it on other sites.


You can request permission to use the copyright of the material on this website by writing to the

Copyright and content

The website of the firm to take seriously in the protection of its copyright. If Roqay discovers that you have used the copyrights of these materials contrary to the above statement, you may take legal action against you, claim financial damages and prevent you from using such material, and may require you to bear the legal expenses. If you are aware of any use of material that is copyrighted by the Roqay website in violation or may violate the above-mentioned permit, please report it by e-mail to

Infringement of rights

If you are aware of material on the website that you believe constitutes an infringement of your or her or her owned copyright, please report this by email at

Views of members and visitors
All opinions, programmers, recommendations or comments that are presented on the Website by members or visitors reflect the opinion of the author and that the management of Roqay’s website disclaims responsibility for the violation of intellectual property rights, publication, printing, law or other violations. If you post a copyrighted material and own your property on the Roqay website or re-display it through our search engine and you would like to delete it, please provide us with an email containing detailed information by reporting by email at