Software Overview

Schoolna All-in-one School Management System

Schoolna system is a system for managing schools, the educational process, and e-learning in Arab schools, Schoolna helps manage  communication between parents and teachers through the school’s website or smartphone application.

Schoolna helps in communicating the educational content, class schedules, and test dates for the different educational stages on an ongoing basis to parents and students, and also helps in the application process for school enrollment and the payment of installments for the academic year.

 Schoolna system is available in Arabic and English and provides many features such as: –

  • Multiple channels to facilitate transactions from the website, portal and smart phone applications
  • Linking the chain of affiliated schools, of different types (Arabic- typical – bilingual – international – special needs)
  • Easy, organized and customized User interface to enable departments, teachers, students and parents to get the best value from the educational process
  • Managing the requirements of the entire educational course, starting from the stages of application, admission, registration, upgrade, transfer between schools and interviews
  • Paying expenses electronically, following up on attendance, evaluating performance in scientific ways, and direct communication with management, teachers, students and parents
  • Assisting teachers in planning schedules, lesson plans, availability, grade books, assessment, homework and issuance of certificates, in addition to a library of financial and administrative reports and statistics that help all departments in communicating with all parties and making decisions based on detailed and aggregated information
Admin Control Panel

Admin can create multiple users with different
permissions in the below modules:

  • Billing
  • Transportation
  • Parents Meetings
  • Users& permissions
  • Library Management
  • Grade book & Merits
  • Discipline & Behavior
  • Timetable & Attendance
  • Admission & Registration
  • School settings & Audit log
  • Announcements & Notification
Teachers and HOD
Control panel
  • Following-up trips requests.
  • Following-up student grades
  • Adding announcements to parents.
  • Following-up the absence of students.
  • Adding work papers related to the subject.
  • Adding test dates for each stage and each subject
  • Adding weekly plans for each subject and each stage.
  • Following-up messages between teachers and parents.
  • Adding students’ homework and additional courses to improve student levels
School Informative Website

Admin can manage the displaying data on the
school website through the below modules:

  • Pages
  • Contacts
  • School staff
  • School Jobs
  • School levels
  • About School
  • School events
  • School services
  • School advertises
Parent/Student Portal

Parents/ Student Portal to follow up with the students
behavior, lessons and interaction with teacher:

  • The parent can pay the school fees online .
  • The parent can send complaints to the board.
  • The student and can view timetable and attendance.
  • The parent can book individual meetings, or parents’ meetings with teachers.
  • The parent can send messages to teachers and receive messages and notifications.
  • Students can attend online classes with the teacher through the system by using Microsoft Teams app or Big Blue Button app.
Student / Parent – Mobile Application
  • The parent can pay the school fees online.
  • Student / Parent can view timetable and attendance.
  • The parent can send and receive messages to teachers.
  • Student / Parent can follow up assignments ,grades and evaluations.
  • The parent can book individual meetings, or parents’ meetings with teachers.
  • Students can attend online classes through the system by using Microsoft Teams app or Big Blue Button app.
Teacher -Mobile Application
  • Viewing timetable.
  • Sending trip requests.
  • Adding student grades.
  • Adding student attendance.
  • Following-up requests for parents’ meetings.
  • Following-up requests for bus non-boarding.
  • Adding incidents and send them to the social worker.
  • Adding merits to students and deducting marks from students.
  • Starting online classes through Microsoft teams or Big Blue Button.
  • Viewing parents’ messages and communicating directly with them.
  • Adding lessons, assignments, and additional resources for students
  • Scheduling available appointments for individual interviews with parents.

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