Alwataniya School Website

Alwataniya School Website

Alwataniya school website is one of the special projects of RoQay Company, Alwataniya school site provides for both the student and the parent following up on all the activities and systems of the school.

The student can log in Alwataniya school site with his own account to know the schedule of classes ,attendance, homework, school announcements, methods of communication with its employees, and parents can easily know everything related to the children in the school.

As for Alwataniya school app ,which is an extension of the website, the application provides more convenience and ease for both the student and the parents to conduct any activity related to the school

You will find that the application is available in more than one language and you will notice that it is easy to use and through which the student can upload and review assignments, know the total days of absence, and send suggestions to the school administration.

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Alwataniya school

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Alwataniya school was established in 1938 , It is the first systematical school in the state of Kuwait