FajerAlsabah School Website

FajerAlsabah School Website

FajerAlsabah School website provides a lot of important information about the school, such as its vision and mission , and through the website the user can easily know the services that the school provides to students and parents.

The user can also know administrative and educational members, as FajerAlsabah School website shows the jobs available in the school.

The student can log in the website of the school with an account to follow up all his activities.

As for FajerAlsabah School app it helps all school students to follow their studies in an easy and simple way.

Through the application, the student can choose the current study stage and start following lessons, tests and other various activities.

The application contributes to enriching the student’s information about the school by reading the dedicated section on the school’s news, and getting acquainted with the members of the administrative and teaching staff in detail.

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FajerAlsabah School

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Fajr Al-Sabah School seeks to develop a conscious and educated generation capable of keeping up with renewed events, The school is committed to the curricula approved by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait at all educational levels in the school, from kindergarten to secondary school.