Breakfast in Ramdan

07 Apr
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Breakfast in Ramdan

 We in Roqay always want to have amazing moments together like having Breakfast in Ramdan,
There are many other happy moments that brought the team together, but this moment was one
of the special moments that we always remember together.

We believe that friendliness, respect for others, empathy and participation are all things that must
be available in the work environment, so you will find that the work environment in Roqay is
different and distinct at the same time.

 In our company, we are keen on making many events that encourage the work team to know
each other well and strengthen relations between them, Among the most prominent of these
events was Breakfast in Ramdan

ROQAY company offers you a healthy working environment with passionate, creative and talented
people on projects that are both challenging and rewarding, we provide our team with a positive
workplace culture of fun, engagement, and continuous learning that correlates directly with
increasing employee job satisfaction, cultivating morale, and improving quality of customer service.

On that day we had breakfast with us and the entire work team was present. We organized this
event to be outside the workplace in one of the open areas and we were keen to document this
moment together.

This picture was one of the pictures in which the entire staff appears, And this event was not the
last of its kind, our parties and events are always going on , you can also watch our year – end celebration and employees of the year moments


Breakfast in Ramdan
Breakfast in Ramdan



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