User Interface Design

18 Jan

User Interface Design

The user interface design step is one of the important steps when designing a website or
mobile apps design, because it is the virtual form of that site or application, and this
interface consists of icons, colors and other elements.

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User Interface Design

User interfaces are usually shortened to UI and are also defined as everything a user sees and
interacts with when they use digital products, But why is the UI design step so important?

The user interface design is what directs users to complete various functions on the site or app,
such as registering, for example, or entering the required commands.

It is worth noting that the simpler the user interface is, and the user does not take a lot of time and
effort to understand it, the more successful the project will be.

As for the types of user interface, there are more than one type, they are as follows:-

  • GUI
  • Network User Interface
  • The command line interface / command line interface
User Interface Design
User Interface Design

UI designer

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The user interface designer must possess a set of skills, for example:-

  • The ability to arrange and adapt ideas to help the user reach what he wants.
  • Search for everything new in the field and also search to find out what the audience prefers.
  • The possibility of planning and arranging the elements within the page to reduce the user’s time.
  • Ability to write creatively to address the user appropriately and in appropriate descriptive terms.
  • Analyze and read data in order to get to know the opinions of users and their acceptance of your project

User Interface Design programs

The user interface designer must have a set of tools and programs that he is good at dealing with in order to implement and design the user interface professionally, Here are the most important user interface design programs:

  • Adobe XD: It is a simple and integrated user interface design program that provides the best possible environment for creating high-quality digital projects. This program provides a great deal of interactivity and also provides the ability to design an interface for mobile (Android, iPhone), web, and others.
  • Figma: One of the distinguished platforms in the field that has a competitive advantage that distinguishes it from other tools and platforms for interface design, which is cooperation and participation, where more than one person can work on the same project together.
  • Sketch: One of the most distinctive features of the Sketch program is that it allows the designer to extract the project in more than one format, including Png and jpg, and this is a feature that you will not find in many tools, but what is wrong with the program is that it is only available on Mac OS
  • Axur: It is considered one of the powerful tools specialized in creating user interfaces, because it has a set of ready-to-use tools.
  • invision: This free tool offers a lot of features, the most important of which is the ability to create an interactive and responsive design within just one artboard.
  • Protopie: It is a unique user interface design program that provides a variety of animations and transitions.

Other software such as Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator can be used to manipulate images and design logos, forms, icons and menus in the form of wireframes.

How to design a user interface

The question now is how is the user interface design ? The user interface
design process includes some steps that must be adhered to to
ensure that the service is implemented
professionally, These steps are:

  • First, get acquainted with the project and all the information related to it and the data
    needed to build the project.
  • The designer begins the implementation by creating prototypes until reaching the desired
  • Then these drawings are converted into more professional models using the computer
    and some tools.
  • The client is informed of what has been achieved, and in the event of approval, the
    continuation or modification will be made.
  • After that, the designer continues to design the interfaces using design programs and
    tools, adding elements, colors, icons, and buttons, and delivering them to the client.

User Interface Design Basics

There are some basics and rules that must be followed in order for the user interface
to be designed perfectly, and these rules are:

Consistency: This means that all design elements such as fonts, colors and shapes must be consistent in terms of size and shape in order to enhance user comfort while browsing.

Simplicity: Simplicity is the magic key to the success of your design, so be careful not to make the design crowded with elements and phrases so as not to make the user feel confused and distracted.

Responsiveness: It is necessary to create responsive designs so that these designs and the different elements in them can change according to the screen displayed on them (mobile – computer – tablet) and others.

Clarity: where everything must be clear to the user. If you ask him to register, for example, you must use clear phrases. If the mail or name is wrong, you must clarify the errors to complete the registration process.

UI design

Is there a difference between UI design and (UX) user experience?

Yes, there is a difference and we will explain it now, because we know
that there is a great confusion between the two terms

User interface design UI: It means the design of the visual interface of the project, whether it is an application or a website, and it consists of several elements such as text, images, icons and fonts.

User Experience UX: It measures the user’s experience of the product and its satisfaction with it and whether it was good and easy experience or was it difficult and stressful where the user experience is measured and determined according to the user’s interaction with the elements of the design interface

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