Design an app and earn money from it

03 Jan

Design an app and earn money from it

In this article, we will explain to you the best way to Design an app and earn money from it. The idea of creating an Android or iPhone application and profiting from it has become an idea that comes to the mind of everyone who wants to ensure a successful project.

That is why we decided today to provide as much information as possible about the design of smart phone applications in terms of their importance, the steps to create them, ways to profit in a guaranteed way, the most famous applications that individuals want to create applications like and the cost of designing them, so follow us.

Apps design in Kuwait

One of the best mobile app design companies in Kuwait is undisputedly Roqay. The company has been working in the field of software and web services for years and has been able to gain the trust of dozens of customers.

We have also provided dozens of successful projects in various fields.

You too can start implementing your idea with us and be one of our success partners, we provide you with the best quality at the best price, contact us now

Design an app and earn money from it

There is more than one way to make profits from smartphone applications,
and here are the 6 most popular ways to profit from applications:-

  • Profit through user subscriptions: These subscriptions may be monthly or annual, through which the user pays fees for using the application, and this will undoubtedly bring you a stable and guaranteed income.

  • Profit through in-app purchases: If you own an application for an online store through which you offer products and goods, this will also be a means of designing an application and profiting from it.
  • Achieving profit through affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the proven ways to make profits, in which a percentage of the profit is taken if the user purchases the products advertised on the application
  • Profit by providing a paid version of the app: here the application is issued to two free and paid versions, and the free version has fewer features than the other, in order to urge users to use the paid version.
  • Profit by selling the application itself: After you design a professional and integrated application with an idea, you can put it up for sale. One of the most famous examples of this is the Facebook company’s purchase of the famous WhatsApp application for a huge amount.
  • Profit through advertisements: It is one of the most popular ways to design an app and earn money from it. This method depends on the availability of other advertisements about companies, products, or something else on the application. As for application ads, they are three types: screen-size ads, video ads, and banner ads.

Steps to create an application

As for the steps of creating an application from Roqay Company,
the process of designing our application is as follows: –

  • First: the step of planning and analysis

It is one of the important stages in which the principles and foundations upon which the application
will be designed for the client are set and defined.

  • Second: The step of designing the initial shape of the app

In this step, Roqay’s team presents a visual conception of the application, after which the initial
form is presented to the customer for his review, and in the event of approval, we will move to the
next step. If the approval is not approved, the amendments are made in a manner commensurate
with the customer’s desire, as we are keen on the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Third: UI / UX design step

And here comes the role of the professional Raqi designers, where a professional and modern
design is made that matches the identity of your activity and expresses it, where the fonts, icons,
colors and all the elements are chosen very carefully.

  • Fourth: Application Coding Step

This step is undoubtedly the most important and the most difficult, in which the code is written in
order to transform the application from mere elements and designs into an interactive live app, and
it is worth noting that Roqay Company has the best programmers and developers in Kuwait.

Design an app and earn money from it.

  • Fifth: The step of reviewing the application

Here comes the role of the Quality control team (Quality Testing) in Roqay Company, which is a team specialized in reviewing all projects, where the application is tested, errors are discovered, and they ensure that the application works efficiently.

  • Sixth: The step of delivering the application to the client

This is the last step of the steps to create an application from Roqay Company, here the client receives the application with some advice that helps him to manage it well, and technical support is also provided to help the client at any time.

Design an app and earn money from it
Design an app and earn money from it

Make an iPhone app and make money from it

Roqay Company offers  iPhone and Android application design service together in order to meet the desires of all customers and reach the largest possible number of mobile application users. With us, you can make an application for the iPhone and profit from it and reach an important segment of customers who are Apple users, whose numbers are in continuous growth.

Are Android apps profitable?

Yes, certainly, as designing an Android application and profiting from it is one of the popular ideas currently and many individuals accept to implement it. All you have to do is present to us the idea of your application and we will design the application .

Create an online store app

If you own an online store and think that designing an application and profiting from it for your online store will increase your customers and will be an important step for the advancement of your business, then you are right! The application has many advantages that help individuals connect more with your online store

For example, the application allows individuals to use the application at any time and any place through the mobile, where the application is loaded on the mobile phone. In addition, creating an online store application will increase the number of visits to your online store, and this is the preference of the vast majority of individuals to use the application instead of opening the online store with a browser traditional internet.

Create a social networking application

Social networking applications are currently the most popular and most used among individuals,
and the evidence for this is the number of times these applications have been downloaded on
application stores, whether for the Android system or the IOS system

Designing an application and profiting from it, especially if this application is dedicated to social
communication is one of the profitable projects, in order to direct individuals in our time to share
their ideas, their diaries, and their desire to communicate in advanced forms.

Among the most popular social networking applications
today are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

The cost of creating a delivery application

There are a number of successful applications that have been popular and accepted by a large
segment of users, most notably the ordering application. If you want to design an app and
earn money from it,
and the application is like the ordering application, we will help you
with that.

The cost of designing an app like Hungerstation

The HungerStation app is also one of the successful applications that many individuals want to
implement similar ideas and projects, and it is an app specialized in ordering food. We can also
implement this idea for you and other successful ideas, just contact us now NO. 0096598805353.

Design an app and earn money from it

Finally, after we got acquainted with the method and steps of designing an application and
profiting from it, you must now implement your idea and do not delay, contact the best work
team specialized in designing mobile applications in Kuwait and get an integrated and
professional application at the best price, we are waiting for you!

Design an app and earn money from it
easily now with Roqay

Contact us on WhatsApp No. 0096598805353

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