Designing a website like Haraj

09 Nov

Designing a website like Haraj

In this article, we will explain to you comprehensive information about the Haraj website, its definition, the advantages of designing a website like Haraj site, how to design a site such as Haraj at the lowest price and the highest level of professionalism, read the article to learn more…

Haraj site is a Saudi site specialized in buying and selling online, where people and merchants can display their products, and these products include real estate, electronic devices, cars, furniture and personal supplies, and the site has evolved more to include other sections such as foods, drinks, jobs, services and others.

Where anyone can, by creating an account on the site, view their products or services with ease, and Haraj site has its own electronic application available on Google Play, App Store and Huawei Gallery so that all users can obtain it and benefit from it, and the question now is what are the advantages of designing a website like Haraj / What is the return of the idea?

Designing a website like Haraj free

To answer the question of the advantages of designing a website like as Haraj, we must clarify that the visits to Haraj’s site have exceeded 13 million visitors per month, where profits can be achieved through:-

  • Display ads on the site by selecting certain areas of the site to post other people’s ads.
  • Showing people’s products for a specific commission in return for completing the purchase and this is the best way to earn profits.
  • You can also benefit from designing a website like Haraj by collecting and analyzing user data from personal data and interests, and this method is known as targeted advertising.

These advantages were for the site owner, As for the people, the site will enable them to:

  • Saving time and effort.
  • Get the products and services they want at the best possible price.
  • The possibility of obtaining products easily, no matter how far or difficult to obtain.

How to design a website like Haraj

How to design a website like Haraj is asked by individuals who are looking for a guaranteed way to make a profit, and the best way ever is Roqay Company, the best websites design company in Kuwait.

Roqay Company uses the best and latest technologies so that people can complete the buying and selling operations easily and thus increase your profits, We are keen that the site achieves the goal of its establishment, and the team of Roqay Company helps us in this.

We have the best developers and designers with long experience in the field
and the ability to innovate, create and provide the best solutions. Do not
risk and start implementing your idea with a guaranteed
company and a truly distinguished team.

Designing a website like Haraj
Designing a website like Haraj

How much does it cost to design a website like Haraj?

The cost of designing a website like Haraj site from Roqay Company is much lower than what is proposed, despite that, we guarantee you the quality and efficiency of the project.

One of the reasons that made us the best websites design company in Kuwait is our continuous keenness to provide our services in the field of design and programming at the best price.

We encourage individuals to start implementing their projects and ideas by providing services at reasonable cost.

Contact us through WhatsApp at 0096598805353 and find out the cost of your idea, which will undoubtedly be suitable for you!

Design an application like Haraj

Because the owner of the Haraj website wanted individuals to benefit from the site at any time, in
an easy and larger way, he designed an application, and this was a good idea.

The use of mobile phones by individuals is increasing over time. Is there a person who does not
have a mobile phone at the present time?!

You can also design an app such as Haraj for Android or iPhone, with the highest possible quality
and at the lowest cost, We have an integrated team specialized in designing mobile applications in
a distinctive, easy and comfortable way to use and responsive to all screens.

Online store design in Kuwait

Finally, what are the advantages that can be obtained when
designing a website like Haraj from Roqay Company?

  • When designing a website from Roqay, your site will have the highest levels of security and protection.
  • The possibility of creating unlimited sections on the site so that it is easy for the user to access what he wants.
  • Providing a messaging system so that the user can inquire about any information regarding the product or service.
  • Responsive website design, fast while browsing and navigating between sections and pages, and friendly to different search engines.
  • With us, you will also be able to enjoy after-sales services, as we will provide you with technical support and respond to all the consultations that you may need while managing your site.
  • The possibility of designing a website like Haraj in more than one language to help site visitors use the site without a linguistic obstacle preventing them from completing the buying and selling process.
  • There will be features that enhance users’ preference for your site, such as providing a comment system, allowing ad sharing, having the product preference feature on the site, as well as providing the site’s search process so that it is easy for the site to reach what it wants very quickly.

In addition to all these advantages, make sure that we will design the site in a way
that attracts visitors and enables them to use the site easily without any
complications that disrupt or delay the buying and selling processes.

Websites like Haraj

Because the site is a successful project and a distinctive idea through which profits can
still be made. There are many people who made the right decision
and created sites similar to Haraj website

Such as Syrian Haraj website, Yemen Haraj website and others , you can also do that

 (( Own a site like Haraj in the shortest time, at an affordable
price, and infinite quality, and an exceptional
experience from Roqay Company ))

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