News website design

07 Nov

News website design

News website design is a service not many companies can provide, because the design of news sites is a field that requires a lot of experience, where the pages of the site must be carefully designed and the site be easy to browse, and the news must also be comfortable for the eye while reading .

Therefore, the team of Roqay Company, which specializes in design and programming services, pays attention to several aspects, including the speed of the site, so that visitors do not need a long time to download and navigate between the pages of the site.

Your news site is also configured for search engines so that you get more traffic than your competitors and top the first search results from Google. Contact us and learn more about the special details of Roqay’s services.

News website design
News website design

news websites design

news website design is one of the best decisions that you can make if you are a newspaper owner and want to reach the audience in an easy and modern way. People’s attitudes have changed a lot in the past years. The audience has started to prefer websites that can be accessed within seconds through a mobile phone or computer.

Designing a news site will provide you with many advantages. In addition to the ability to publish economic, political, sports, technical, global, local and other news at any time, you will also be able to communicate with your customers easily and know their requirements and needs, and this is not available professionally in traditional newspapers.

How to create a news site

Confused and don’t know where to start? Quite simply, the way to set up a news website starts with communicating with Roqay Company on its number 0096598805353 on WhatsApp, and then we will communicate with you, listen to you well, know your requirements, and all your inquiries will be answered.

There is no specific price for designing a news website, the cost is mostly determined by what you want to be present on your website in terms of characteristics and features. Make sure that with Roqay Company, you will get the best service at the lowest price, as we are the best websites design company in Kuwait

free news website design

In addition to the reasonable cost that characterizes all the services of Roqay
, what are the advantages of designing a news website from Roqay?

  • Your website will have an infinite number of sections and categories.
  • You will be able to control and modify the advertisements on the site and their locations.
  • You will be able to manage the site easily and add, edit and delete operations through an easy and multilingual control panel.
  • The news site will be designed in a manner compatible with desktop screens, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.
  • The ability to share content and articles on social media, which is an important feature that perfectly contributes to promoting your site.
  • The ability to bring news, translate it automatically, and publish it at the highest speed, which provides you with the advantage of always having the scoop.
  • One of the important features that Roqay Company provides when creating a news site is managing readers’ comments, providing a system for managing banners for advertisements, creating a file for each writer so that all the writer’s articles are inside it, in addition to the ability to control the powers of each member.

How to design a website for news on wordPress?

Designing a news website on WordPress is the easiest and fastest solution, The WordPress platform is distinguished by its provision of many ready-made templates through which it is possible to obtain an integrated news website in the shortest possible time, and one of the advantages of making a news website on WordPress is to benefit from the continuous updates provided by the platform, benefit from thousands of plugins Free and paid.

php news website design

Is it better to design a news site on wordPress or design a news site in php? Each of the two methods has advantages and disadvantages. We have mentioned the advantages of designing on WordPress, which is the speed of implementation and benefiting from the large WordPress community, The disadvantages are the inability to customize enough, as it may sometimes be difficult to design and modify the site template 100%.

This defect is the most characteristic of designing a website in a programming language such as php. Designing a news website in this way provides a great deal of efficiency, but this method requires more time and more effort by developers, and also requires a higher cost.

Choose the method that best suits you and which you think is suitable for your needs, Roqay Company is with you in what you choose, as we can design a news site in any of the two ways…

To contact and request the service – 0096598805353

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